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We offer to our clients not only an efficient and dynamic representation in both official languages, but also a professional and friendly one.  We understand that your legal challenges are sources of stress and tension.  We do what is necessary to help you through these difficult moments or to face new challenges, as the case may be.

This is an overview of our services:

  • Services to those having suffered personal injuries;
  • Services to those having legal rights to claim;
  • Services to those who must appear before administrative tribunals or boards;
  • Services to municipal organizations in facing their many challenges;
  • Services to community planning boards in their regulation of land use;
  • Services to those facing criminal justice;
  • Services to those experiencing difficult family relationships;
  • Services to those in need of tax planning;
  • Services to those owners of lands or houses or looking forward to becoming one;
  • Services to business people;
  • Services to those in need of estate planning and in preventing the unexpected;
  • Services to those in need of estate administration;